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Nursery & Pre-School

Offering year round childcare for children aged 3 months to 4 years.

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Classes for first-time pregnant women and supporter of choice.

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Wide range of support services for parents who have recently had a baby.

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Children’s activities involving parents/carers for fun and learning.

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Referred Services

Details of specific support services based at Bright Beginnings Children’s Centre.

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Advice on other support contacts and our new Perinatal Pathway.

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Who we are

Bright Beginnings Children’s Centre offers a combination of free and paid for services to children and their parents from conception to 4 years of age. Our thriving nursery, antenatal/postnatal specialist services and children’s activities are based around the 1001 Critical Days Agenda, highlighting the importance of a child’s relationship with its parents.

Located on the edge of Delancey Park we are able to offer an abundance of fresh air and outdoor space for your child as well as being in a convenient location.

We also have an on-site community café where parents and care-givers can enjoy refreshments and friendly support.



How we work

Bright Beginnings Children’s Centre does not receive any statutory funding and therefore must raise its income through corporate and private support, including fundraising and donations.

Other than the Nursery and Pre-School all the activities run by Children’s Centre are free, although all donations are welcome.

Our Nursery and Pre-School is a not-for-profit scheme which helps support other projects at the Children’s Centre both financially and by widening the services and facilities available to us. Parents pay a fee, dependent on age, for their child to attend the Nursery or Pre-School but all the profits from the Nursery and Pre-School are fed directly in to the work of the Children’s Centre.

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Opening hours

Bright Beginnings Children’s Centre is open 51 weeks of the year and excluding bank holidays:

Monday – Friday
9am – 4pm

Nursery and Pre-School
Monday – Friday
8am – 5pm

Community café is open:
Monday – Friday
10am – 4pm

Contact details

Please call us to speak to a member of our team.

Tel: 01481 244919
Email: info@brightbeginnings.gg

Visit our news page for regular updates on our activities and services.

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