1001 Critical Days Agenda Our Children’s Centre is based around this important ethos, read more about it below.
Bright Beginnings Children’s Centre offers a combination of free and paid for services as part of the local Guernsey charity, Every Child Our Future. It was founded in 2016 and is the only children’s centre in Guernsey.

We are working to the 1001 Critical Days Agenda, which emphasises the central importance of a child’s relationship with its parents and caregivers and the main focus of all of our work is on this relationship. The 1001 Critical Days Agenda forms part of the Children and Young People’s Plan for Guernsey and Alderney.

Our aim is for every child to have at least one secure attachment relationship by age 2. We will achieve this by supporting parents to be the best they can be.

To read the Children and Young People’s Plan, please click here



“Our goal is for every baby to receive sensitive, appropriate and responsive care from their main caregivers in the first years of life. Parents need to feel confident that they are raising their children in a loving and supportive environment.”

“The very simple story is that children who are … treated with kindliness and thoughtfulness grow up to be adults who are kind and thoughtful … and anything that gets in the way of that very simple process needs to be addressed.”


Bright Beginnings Nursery and Pre-School is within the same building as the Children’s Centre but operates separately.

Parents pay a fee, dependent on age, for their child to attend the Nursery or Pre-School but all the profits from the Nursery and Pre-School are fed directly in to the work of the Children’s Centre.

All the activities in the Children’s Centre are free though we are always pleased to accept donations.

Every Child Our Future does not receive any statutory funding and therefore must raise its income through corporate and private support.

Bright Beginnings Testimonials

Bright Beginnings has become a home from home for me. Upon arriving at Bright Beginnings you are immediately met with a welcome and will be recognised and welcomed from that moment on. Unlike toddler groups, Bright Beginnings has a playroom that is open five days a week, the people attending change every day so you always meet new people, they have a cafe which serves delicious home made food and very friendly staff. I am grateful daily for Bright Beginnings and there is nowhere like it on the island. Check out their Facebook page for information on what is on daily.

Thank you all for making both Harry and myself feel so welcome, for coming over to talk to us our first time and making our Wednesdays enjoyable. We’ve loved the facilities ever since antenatal classes and makes me sad to think I’m going back to work in a few weeks time. Harry loves meeting other people his own size and exploring all the new toys.

Not only that the cakes and pasties always look, smell and taste great too. We will definitely miss Bright Beginnings and everyone we’ve met along the way.

Since I first came down when I was pregnant for Luna I have felt so welcome and I’d like to think I’ve got a good friendship with the staff, especially Teresa and Amy. You two put so much effort into making sure all mothers and their children feel so welcomed! So glad Bright Beginnings is around and it’s amazing it has such caring and lovely staff xx

The Bright Beginning’s staff and volunteers are so friendly and nurturing that it makes the centre such a warm and welcoming environment for families and has become our ‘home away from home!’

Thanks for all the support you’ve given to Lukas and I. The centre has been invaluable to us and we look forward to coming each week. I think our ability to survive the first few weeks may have been very different without having this supportive place to come and leave feeling more positive and not alone. You guys are great.