Nursery & Pre School Services We offer Nursery and Pre-School, supporting children's attachment relationships and development.

Nursery & Pre-School Services

Baby Room

The Baby Room is available to children aged 3 months – 2 years and can accommodate a maximum of 9 babies.

The focus of the Baby Room is to support babies’ development and in particular secure attachment with caregivers.

Toddler Room

The Toddler Room allows children to explore sharing with others, free play and promoting confidence building in preparation for Pre-School.


The aim of the Pre-School Room is to enable children to develop their readiness to learn skills to give them the best possible start to their formal education.

Throughout the Nursery & Pre-School parent involvement is very much encouraged and targeted support is provided so that children may develop in all areas, providing them with a well-rounded skill set to help them achieve the best start possible.

Each child attending Bright Beginnings has a Key Worker to ensure the needs of the individual child are meet. The Key Worker will help settle your child into Bright Beginnings and encourage the formation of a secure relationship.

Meet our nursery team

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Nursery ethos and provisions

Key Person Approach

Bright Beginnings Nursery offers the Key Person Approach, ensuring all children feel safe and secure whilst in our care. Each key person will be assigned children to take care of, helping to ensure they settle well and get to know their needs on a day to day basis. Attachment is very important in a young child’s life and can affect their future learning. As professionals, we understand this and like to gain a strong bond with our key children.

Why do we use the Key Person Approach?

Research shows that the Key Person Approach is the most effective way of ensuring that children develop a strong relationship with a significant adult in the nursery and preschool setting. This also allows partnership working alongside the parents so that their children receive the best possible education and support.

The propensity to make strong emotional bonds to particular individuals is a basic component of human nature.

John Bowlby, 1988.

Forest Learning

We also make use of our outside garden to touch on some Forest Learning.

“Forest learning is an inspirational process, that offers children regular opportunities to achieve, develop confidence and self-esteem, through hands on learning experiences in a local woodland or natural environment with trees.”


At Bright Beginnings we participate in the GuernseySmiles toothbrushing programme. This is offered to children free of charge from the ages of 2-4 years.

The brushing programme is a part of the children’s daily routine whilst at the nursery.


ECERS – Early Childhood Environment Rating Scale
ITERS – Infant Toddler Environment Rating Scale

We are an inclusive nursery working alongside the Development Matters Framework in the Early Years Foundation Stage, observing the children’s progression and supporting them along the way.

At Bright Beginnings we believe all our children have the right to a high quality education.

We work to and follow the Early Years Quality Standards Framework. This is an agreed framework to enable all children to access the highest quality Early Years provision in Guernsey, please click here to view this document. This framework includes the Early Years Foundation Stage which is the curriculum guidance from birth through to five years old. This curriculum is followed through in to a child’s first year in primary school.

ECERS and ITERS – The Environment Rating Scales
We observe, assess and plan using Environment Rating scales so that all children have the right experiences and a safe learning environment. The Early Childhood Environment Rating Scale – Revised (ECERS-R) is designed to evaluate the quality of provision for children aged 2½ to 5 years in centre-based settings. The Infant Toddler Environment Rating Scale – Revised (ITERS-R) is the partner scale for the 0-2½ age range.

Both the ECERS-R and ITERS-R contain a wide range of statements or ‘indicators’ with which to evaluate the quality of the early years environment in its broadest sense. These indicators ‘stack up’ like building blocks to celebrate strengths and provide signposts to improvement. They also provide a rigorous means of measuring quality – and improvement in quality – over time.

Both the ECERS-R and ITERS-R were developed by Thelma Harms, Richard Clifford and Debby Cryer at the University of North Carolina.

The ECERS-R and ITERS-R evaluate seven broad dimensions of quality:

Space and furnishings
e.g. room layout, accessibility of resources, display.

Personal care routines
e.g. welfare requirements such as health and safety and provision for sleeping.

Language and reasoning
e.g. supporting children’s communication, language and literacy development; critical thinking.

e.g. provision of an exciting and accessible learning environment, resources to support specific types of play.

e.g. supervision, support for social interactions.

Programme structure
e.g. opportunities for children to access their own curriculum, planning schedules/routines to meet children’s needs.

Provision for parents & staff
e.g. partnership with parents, staff training and development.